Black Key Incubus

Written by James Schleisman. Illustrated by Daryl Toh.


Norman Castor isn’t your average love-deprived witch. He’s quirky and shy, and when he’s not struggling with crippling gay loneliness he’s got his nose in a spellbook. They say love and magic don’t mix, but who says he can’t use one to acquire the other? As if Norman had enough worries on his mind, he sleeps with his best friend, Liam, only to feel the cold sting of rejection shortly after. Wading through an ocean of anxieties, he’ll do whatever it takes to become a master of both magic and love—even if it means breaking the greatest taboo in the world: summoning a demon.

Caliban is a demon prince born and raised to ascend a throne he never wanted. His unusual compassion and kindness towards humans makes him an outcast in his own society. As a result, Cal struggles to find an identity for himself outside his family’s machinations. Against his will, Cal enters the Inferni Kai’ba—a winner-takes-all battle-royale that will decide the next King of Hell. In the midst of the chaotic event, he’s summoned to Earth by a handsome blonde witch—who happens to be his soulmate.

In a world where magic is power and demons are feared, Black Key Incubus follows the love story between Norman and Caliban as they confront the supernatural forces that threaten to tear their relationship apart. Will their love for each other be strong enough to win the Inferni Kai’ba? Or will a dark secret from Norman’s past destroy their world?

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